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MessageSujet: HONGROIX ou HONGROIX PAS   Sam 18 Oct - 18:28
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MessageSujet: traduction en anglais....   Sam 18 Oct - 19:02

Pharmaceutical market / Vissza onto the head side of the heading » painkilling with fewer side effects Nem steroid the wide circle of anti-inflammatory ones is developed under 13 weeks according to the patients' assessment compared to the placebo brought about a change. NicOx driving product, the naproxcinod acted with a success the III. phase from three of the deciding of importance tests of a clinical examination on the second, and his new medicine permit application is handed in to the American special authority on 2009 of his middles according to the manufacturer.advertising

After the (302) the result of a test was announced, the price of the shares of the firm with a France centre rose to 9,04 euros by 19 percentages on the Parisian stock exchange. NicOx the naproxcinodot - than Scrip composes - onto the treatment of the signs of the oszteoarthritisz and his symptoms develops it, in the hope that he shows a better side effect profile then, than the legatee not-szteroid anti-inflammatory medicines, strange in consideration of the cardiovascular safety. The examination made with the withdrawal of the 302,1020 patients of two kinds (daily 2×375 ill. 2×750 mg-os) naproxcinod examined the effects of dosage, at patients suffering from knee-joint inflammation. Both portions induced all three effects set as an aim in the examination, that is 13 brought about changing compared to the placebo according to the patients' assessment under seven. The basis of the assessment of the symptoms Western Ontario MacMaster questionnaire, aazaz WOMAC pain and funkció-szubskálája, and the patients' own subjective opinion served. (The p his value was smaller at 0,001 in the case of all three examination aims.) The examination attained a head's secondary aim, showing what should do, that the naproxcinod daily duplicate one 750 mg his effect is not canceled daily behind 500 mg of naproxené. (Likewise WOMAC pain and funkció-szubskáláján, the 13. and registered on the 26. week.) According to NicOx communication on the 13. week all of the active service one branches the placebó-ág beliekhez those who complained about at least a side effect showed similar proportions considering his number, the quantity of the serious side effects did not differ in the treated groups though. It was published likewise in November last year a 301 one conducted with 981 of his ill participations térd-oszteoarthritisz the result of an examination, the 303 one csípőízület-oszteoarthritisz there is an examination in a process, his results this before the end of a year expected. The naproxcinod the not-szteroid anti-inflammatory naproxen prodrogja (~: his inactive or less active variant). Implement against this first inflammation the COX-inhibítor nitrogen monoxide donor [in the original one: donator]. According to NicOx the nitrogen oxide donor group protektív the stomach intestine ones expound an effect onto a tract, ezenkűvük reduces the blood pressure. The company more other nitrogen monoxide donor the wide circle of clinical pictures generates a compound - for example atheroszklerózis, tall blood pressure, chronic obstructive respiratory illness -. 2008-10-16 14:10 Source: Scrip
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